Superior sports care

BORN has been a partner for top-level performances and sport fun since 1985. Along with several Olympic, World and European champions we developed sports nutrition and bodycare products with a superior quality. Continuous fine-tuning and development ensures that BORN is still at the top with a range consisting of high-quality products for use before, during and after sporting activities.

Whether you're preparing for a big race or recovering from a physical exercise: every moment has it’s supporting product. A unique concept: BORN is your superior supporter!

You buy BORN at specialist cycling and MTB shops, online nutrition shops and running stores.

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  • Energy Shot

    Double Natural Energy

    BORN ENERGY SHOT is a concentrated energy booster, based on natural ingredients and natural flavors. BORN ENERGY SHOT is specially developed for weekend warriors, top athletes and others that need a steady and longer energy supply for their body.
    • Successfully tested in Tour de France
    • Contributes to a high level of endurance, physical performance, mental focus
    • Gives double energy, up to 5 hours and more!
  • ISO Pro Apple Lemon


    Energizing thirst quencher with added minerals for a better energy and water balance. BORN ISO PRO has a tasteful, fresh taste and provides extra energy and fun during exercise.

    • High energy thirst quencher with added sodium
    • Fresh apple / lemon flavour
    • Available in bulk packaging
  • Protect oil

    Insulating body oil

    BORN PROTECT OIL forms a water repellent, protective film on your skin. Body heat is insulated, so you will not cool down. Rain and cold have no chance. Ideal for temperatures up to 15 degrees Celsius!

    • Water resistant coating
    • Does not closes pores
    • Protective against cold and rain
    • Optimal, prolonged effect