Superior sports care

BORN has been a partner for top-level performances and sport fun since 1985. Along with several Olympic, World and European champions we developed sports nutrition and bodycare products with a superior quality. Continuous fine-tuning and development ensures that BORN is still at the top with a range consisting of high-quality products for use before, during and after sporting activities.

Whether you're preparing for a big race or recovering from a physical exercise: every moment has it’s supporting product. A unique concept: BORN is your superior supporter!

You buy BORN at specialist cycling and MTB shops, online nutrition shops and running stores.

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  • Watts & Minerals

    Electrolyte Drink Tablets

    Watts & Minerals is an effervescent tablet, when dissolved into water, gives a low carb electrolyte drink for an optimal oral rehydration. Next to magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium and chloride, WATTS UP® has been added. This whole fruit extract from the Citrus Sinensis has been clinically proven to have an effect on your ‘engine’: the mitochondria. The increased effectivity in converting ADP in ATP by using Watts & Minerals gives you that little bit extra…...

    • Contains the essential minerals for oral rehydration
    • Effervescent tablet
    • Contains WATTS UP®: an all natural ingredient
    • Supports your aerobic and anaerobic power
    • Clinically proven
    • Anti-doping tested (NZVT)
    • Direct effect on the mitochondria
    • Relevant for resistance, HIIT and endurance sports
    • More efficiency in ATP conversion, more watts (up to +5%!)
  • Super Liquid Gel Cherry + Caffeine

    Easy to drink / no water needed

    BORN Super Liquid Gel Cherry+Caffeine is a ready to drink fluid energy gel, no water needed. BORN Super Liquid Gel gives you more energy and a better fluid uptake. A Super Liquid Gel contains 22 grams of mixed carbs and ensures an efficient usage of your body’s energy sources. Ideal to use during exercise. It also contains sodium to optimize hydration.

    • Fast absorption in the blood
    • Completely fluid
    • Easy to drink, no water needed
    • Easy on the stomach
    • Mix of fast and slow carbs
    • Glutenfree
    • High caffeine content (54 mg/100 ml)
  • ISO PRO+

    Special Starter Pack

    During an exercise you burn carbohydrates. Next to this, loss of fluid and minerals will occur. Replenishment of carbohydrates and minerals is very important. ISO PRO+ provides the proper replenishment of carbohydrates and sodium. In addition, ISO PRO + includes Peptopro®. This protein peptide helps to speed up the recovery process during exercise. This makes ISO PRO+ drink a real endurance drink.

    • 2:1 glucose/fructose ratio
    • Fresh mandarin/mango flavour
    • Tested by Team Sunweb
    • Specially priced starter pack
    • Lactosefree