Superior sports care

BORN has been a partner for top-level performances and sport fun since 1985. Along with several Olympic, World and European champions we developed sports nutrition and bodycare products with a superior quality. Continuous fine-tuning and development ensures that BORN is still at the top with a range consisting of high-quality products for use before, during and after sporting activities.

Whether you're preparing for a big race or recovering from a physical exercise: every moment has it’s supporting product. A unique concept: BORN is your superior supporter!

You buy BORN at specialist cycling and MTB shops, online nutrition shops and running stores.

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  • Xtra Bar


    BORN XTRA BAR CRANBERRY COCOS is an energy bar with a delicious Cranberry/Cocos flavour. This energy bar has the ideal 2:1 glucose/fructose ratio, for increased carbo-uptake during exercise up to 90 g/hour. Developed and tested in collaboration with Team Sunweb.

    • Easily chewable
    • Provides XTRA energy
    • Can help to prevent hunger knock
    • 2:1 ratio of Glucose/Fructose
    • Non-melting
  • ISO PRO+

    Elite Sports Drink

    During an exercise you burn carbohydrates. Next to this, loss of fluid and minerals will occur. Replenishment of carbohydrates and minerals is very important. ISO PRO+ provides the proper replenishment of carbohydrates and sodium. In addition, ISO PRO + includes Peptopro®. This protein peptide helps to advance the recovery process during exercise. This makes ISO PRO+ drink a real endurance drink.

    • 2:1 glucose/fructose ratio
    • Fresh mandarin/mango flavour
    • Tested by Team Giant-Alpecin
    • Lactose free
  • Recovery+

    Elite Sports Drink

    RECOVERY+ is a recovery drink of the best available quality. RECOVERY+ contains a higher dose of Peptopro® per serving. Peptopro® is a mixture of scientifically developed peptides (small pieces of protein) with a very effective function and fast absorption. BORN RECOVERY+ contains those amino acids that are necessary for recuperation and synthesis of muscle cells. It helps the body to charge the battery.

    • Faster recovery after exercise
    • Tested by Team Giant-Alpecin
    • Suitable for both endurance and team sports
    • Fresh citrus flavour
    • 100% safe
    • Lactose free