BORN sports nutrition has been co-developed by top athletes and meets the highest requirements of a modern athlete: consisting of high quality ingredients, easy to digest, convenient and fast absorption. All BORN products are 100% safe.


BORN’s body care products consist of high-grade natural ingredients. The high-quality active plant extracts and essential oils provide the provide BORN body care products their particular effectiveness.


The BORN bottle is a frequently seen "guest" on a road bike. The white BORN bottle offers hygiene and convenience for both the race peloton and the touring riders. More and more athletes put a BORN filled bottle along the track or have it handed during their training or competition. Join the professionals!

  1. Drink



    Refreshing isotonic thirst quencher for performance and for sports enjoyment. By drinking BORN DRINK you will restore your mineral balance, support your maintenance of endurance performance during prolonged endurance exercise and you will be fueled with the most important carbohydrates. 

    • Isotonic thirst quencher with minerals
    • Developed with athletes
    • Well –digested
    • Refreshing citrus flavour
    • Easily soluble

  2. Energy

    Multi Carbo


    Energy drink with a multifunctional mix of carbohydrates that provides both fast and long-term energy: perfect for endurance exercises longer than 90 minutes. BORN ENERGY is a perfect source of energy and will help to prevent hunger knock. 

    • Suitable to optimize the carbohydrate level in your muscles
    • Rapid absorption into the body
    • Well-digested
    • Orange-flavour, not too sweet

  3. ISO PRO Apple/Lemon

    Sports Drink

    Iso Pro Apple/Lemon Can

    Energizing thirst quencher with added minerals for a better energy and water balance. BORN ISO PRO has a tasteful, fresh taste and provides extra energy and fun during exercise.

    • High energy thirst quencher with added sodium
    • Fresh apple / lemon flavour
    • 2:1 glucose/fructose ratio

  4. ISO Pro Red Fruit

    Sports drink

    ISO Pro Red Fruit

    Energizing thirst quencher with added minerals for a better energy and water balance. BORN ISO PRO has a tasteful, fresh taste and provides extra energy and fun during exercise.

    • Energizing thirst quencher with added sodium
    • 2:1 ratio of Glucose/Fructose
    • Fresh red fruit /pomegranate flavour
    • Succesfully tested by Team Sunweb

  5. ISO PRO+

    Elite Sports Drink

    Flapjack Bar Vanilla

    During an exercise you burn carbohydrates. Next to this, loss of fluid and minerals will occur. Replenishment of carbohydrates and minerals is very important. ISO PRO+ provides the proper replenishment of carbohydrates and sodium. In addition, ISO PRO + includes Peptopro®. This protein peptide helps to advance the recovery process during exercise. This makes ISO PRO+ drink a real endurance drink.

    • 2:1 glucose/fructose ratio
    • Fresh mandarin/mango flavour
    • Tested by Team Giant-Alpecin
    • Low in lactose

  6. Protein

    Peptopro® Recovery


    Highest quality recovery drink with 12 grams PeptoPro ®per serving. BORN PROTEIN contains the amino acids for maintenance and growth of muscle cells and helps the body to recharge the battery.

    • Extremely high quality recovery drink
    • Used by top athletes on an international stage
    • Peptopro® is scientifically tested
    • Faster recovery, ready for the next effort
    • Fresh blood orange flavour

  7. Recovery

    Supple Shake


    Tasty recovery "milkshake" with vanilla flavour. The optimal combination of protein and carbohydrates ensures a faster absorption of carbohydrates in the muscles: very important for your recovery! BORN RECOVERY SUPPLE SHAKE is the recovery shake for optimal recovery after exercise.

    • Protein contributes to muscle recovery
    • Contains the essential amino acids
    • Suitable for endurance and team sports
    • To be mixed with water, soy milk, skimmed milk
    • Delicious vanilla flavour

  8. Recovery+

    Elite Sports Drink

    Flapjack Bar Vanilla

    RECOVERY+ is a recovery drink of the best available quality. RECOVERY+ contains a higher dose of Peptopro® per serving. Peptopro® is a mixture of scientifically developed peptides (small pieces of protein) with a very effective function and fast absorption. BORN RECOVERY+ contains those amino acids that are necessary for recuperation and synthesis of muscle cells. It helps the body to charge the battery.

    • Faster recovery after exercise
    • Tested by Team Sunweb
    • Suitable for both endurance and team sports
    • Fresh citrus flavour
    • 100% safe
    • Low in lactose

  9. Watts & Minerals

    Electrolyte Drink Tablets

    Watts & Minerals

    Watts & Minerals is an effervescent tablet, when dissolved into water, gives a low carb electrolyte drink for an optimal oral rehydration. Next to magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium and chloride, WATTS UP® has been added. This whole fruit extract from the Citrus Sinensis has been clinically proven to have an effect on your ‘engine’: the mitochondria. The increased effectivity in converting ADP in ATP by using Watts & Minerals gives you that little bit extra…...

    • Contains the essential minerals for oral rehydration
    • Effervescent tablet
    • Contains WATTS UP®: an all natural ingredient
    • Supports your aerobic and anaerobic power
    • Clinically proven
    • Anti-doping tested (NZVT)
    • Direct effect on the mitochondria
    • Relevant for resistance, HIIT and endurance sports
    • More efficiency in ATP conversion, more watts (up to +5%!)