Relaxing Bodycare

  1. Awake shower

    Fresh body & mind

    Awake shower

    BORN AWAKE SHOWER awakens your body! This shower gel gives you an extreme fresh  experience and is ideal as a morning shower or relaxing after an active effort. Eucalyptus, menthol, rosemary, juniper and cajaputi ensure the strength of AWAKE.

    • Stimulating, activating effect
    • Extremely refreshing and relaxing
    • Active essential oils and extracts

  2. Massage oil

    100% pure

    Massage oil

    Professional massage oil. BORN MASSAGE OIL is a neutral and pure product, composed of 100% vegetable oils. 

    • No perfume
    • Hand and skin friendly
    • Used by professionals

  3. Recovery relax

    Relax & relief

    Recovery relax

    Recovery after exercise is the most important. BORN RECOVERY RELAX relaxes and recovers. BORN was the first and is still considered the best by many! The essential oils and herbs help to relax overworked and tired muscles. "RECOVERY RELAX really works!"

    • Relaxing effect
    • Supports recovery of tired muscles
    • Ideal D.I.Y massage, anyone can do it

  4. Wash Lotion


    Wash Lotion

    BORN WASH LOTION allows you to refresh without water. If there is no place where you can refresh, no problem: WASH LOTION easily washes off dirt and creams without adding water. 

    • Wash off all dirt without water
    • Ideal when no water is available
    • Hygienic and refreshing