Extra Support


BORN sports nutrition has been co-developed by top athletes and meets the highest requirements of a modern athlete: consisting of high quality ingredients, easy to digest, convenient and fast absorption. All BORN products are 100% safe.


BORN’s body care products consist of high-grade natural ingredients. The high-quality active plant extracts and essential oils provide the provide BORN body care products their particular effectiveness.


The BORN bottle is a frequently seen "guest" on a road bike. The white BORN bottle offers hygiene and convenience for both the race peloton and the touring riders. More and more athletes put a BORN filled bottle along the track or have it handed during their training or competition. Join the professionals!

  1. Block

    Energy to go


    BORN BLOCK is a chewable tablet with a unique blend of carbohydrates, caffeine and magnesium. BORN BLOCK is energy to go: an energy boost for anywhere, anytime!

    • Caffeine for extra  fitness and alertness
    • Magnesium is important for the muscle function
    • Easy to carry
    • Perfect as an in-between-boost
    • Improved formula and taste
    • Strawberry / Lemon flavour

  2. Creatine

    Sprint Power


    BORN offers with BORN CREATINE sprint power a pure creatine product with 300 grams of creatine monohydrate. Creatine increases muscle strength (ATP). Moreover, BORN CREATINE sprint power accelerates recovery between two training sessions. You will be able to finish that fifth sprint and those last reps in your fourth set can still be done.

    • Increased muscle strength
    • Important energy source
    • Supports the increase of muscle size and muscle energy
    • Improves performances in short efforts and sprints

  3. Sports Cake

    Pre Training Snack

    Sports Cake
    The BORN Sports Cake is the best easy-to-prepare pre-training snack your body can have before starting an effort or on a full-day competition. Its high digestibility will provide weekend warriors and professional athletes with the appropriate energy intake without the inconvenients of a long digestion. The BORN Sports Cake can be consumed only an hour before the start of the effort compared to an ordinary meal which generally requires about 7 hours for complete digestion!
    • Efficient pre-training instant sportscake
    • Progressive energy source
    • Easily digested
    • Ready in 3 minutes !
    • BORN Sports Cake can be stored overnight for breakfast or frozen for your next competition
    • Contains extra magnesium